Spin the Arrow




Spin the Arrow

by Brittany Johnston and Jake Smith
Red Rabbits Collective

What makes the Red Man Red? Spin the arrow to find out. This game-show style play is inspired by late night’s Jimmy Fallon meets the Price is Right but with an Indigenous twist. Our game show host, the notorious Anishinaabe trickster Nanabush takes contestants on a bumpy trip through past, present, and future. So, what’s the grand prize for these contestants? Living in a world disconnected from the land and ruled by blood quantum, status cards, biased media, and rapidly changing policies, there are no winners. Spin the Arrow is the inaugural play created by the newly formed Indigenous-led Red Rabbits Collective.


Sunday March 24 at 4pm
Arts Court Theatre

Creative team:

  • Co-writers Jake Smith & Brittany Johnston
  • Performed by Jake Smith, Brittany Johnston, Will Lafrance, Emily Séguin
  • Musical Direction by Emily Seguin
  • Design by Samantha McCue

Brittany Johnston (Anishinaabekwe) wears many hats. She is the coordinator of Ottawa Fringe’s under development program, and has been spearheading the festival’s first ever diversity lottery. When not creating or managing theatre projects, Brittany is working towards completing her MA thesis, focused on the development of Indigenous theatre festivals.

Will Lafrance is an Indigenous actor from Akwesasne. He is passionate about stage and film.  Selected theatre credits: Paco V Put to Sleep, Canada Speaks (Hiawatha), among many others. Selected film credits: See How Easy That Was? [Nominated: Best Actor in a Short Film Intl. (WMIFF)], The Gift, among others.

Samantha McCue is Anishnaabe from the Chippewas of Georgina Island and Ned’u’ten from Lake Babine First Nation. She grew up on the Musqueam Reserve in Vancouver, BC, and currently lives in Ottawa. Sam graduated from York University’s Theatre Production program in 2017. Recent credits include: Kamloopa (Western Canada Theatre), Aqsarniit (Confederation Centre of the Arts), The Monument (Factory Theatre), Thanks For Giving (Arts Club Theatre Company).

Emily Séguin is a proud Ojibway and Algonquin woman, fourth generation, carrying her teachings with her in her everyday life. She is a bright emerging artist currently completely her B.A. with a specialization in Theatre (University of Ottawa). Emily also proudly holds the Indigenous representative position in the SFUO.

Jake William Smith is an Indigenous artist based in Ottawa. His varied acting resume features a robust list of both theatre and film roles. Jake is also an accomplished writer and producer. Selected credits include The Henchman’s Survival Guide, Manimales, and Crow’s Nest.