Mainstage Series


Our 2020/2021 Mainstage Series presents: Spicy Day’s A Period Piece !

Show Description:

‘A Period Piece’ presents a wacky, honest, and musical unpacking of our relationship with our vaginas and the things that come out of them. 

Full of off-the-wall humour and down to earth truths, ‘A Period Piece’ is a show that is for everyone. Through sketch comedy, honest and personal stories, and a whole lot of heart, we open the conversation about periods and the stigmas that come with them. 

In partnership with Spicy Day TACTICS is supporting not only their in-person show, to happen as soon as we can gather at our beloved Arts Court ,but we are also supporting a series of videos they are producing based on the content of their show. Spicy Day is working with @creativision to make their videos.

Knowing this Ottawa based duo we are sure their video content it’s gonna be educational, innovative and hilarious.


We can’t give you dates… yet.

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