Mad Margaret


Graphic design by Chelsea Atkinson

Mad Margaret
adapted from Shakespeare by Bronwyn Steinberg
Counterpoint Players
With Katie Bunting, Tamara Freeman, Teri Loretto, and Margo Macdonald
Dramaturgy by Janet Irwin

Mad Margaret follows the story of Margaret of Anjou from Shakespeare’s first tetralogy of history plays. Her journey—from flirting princess to powerful queen on the battlefield to cruel, unheeded prophetess—is the longest and most complex of any woman in Shakespeare. This new adaptation repurposes Shakespeare’s text to create a new portrait of this fascinating character and explore how those who control the popular narrative can distort and undermine the perception of women in power.

Sunday January 14 4pm – Arts Court – Courtroom

This is the first public reading of the 2018 TACTICS Workshop Series! Come be a part of the development of a new Canadian (and Shakespearean) play!

Counterpoint Players’ first full mainstage production, Darrah Teitel’s Corpus, was the pilot project for the TACTICS series, and was nominated for a Prix Rideau Award for Outstanding New Creation. Most recently we produced a week-long workshop of Crystal Verge’s new play For the Love of Gracie, about incarcerated women in Canada, with the support of grants from the Canada Council for the Arts and the Ontario Arts Council. Our Fringe and touring productions have included an audience vote that determines the outcome of the play (Pirate Jenny’s Circus – Prix Rideau Award nomination for Outstanding Adaptation), interactive Forum Theatre (Mixing Boal: Kitchen of the Oppressed), and audience members participating in a “yoga class” led by the performer (OCCUPY ME – Prix Rideau Award nomination for Outstanding New Creation).