2015-16 Series


Branch Out Theatre’s (off) Balance & Amelia Griffin’s feelers — November 13-21, 2015

An interdisciplinary double-bill co-produced by Branch Out Theatre and contemporary dance artist Amelia Griffin. Solo play (off) Balance, written and performed by Naomi Tessler with live music by Lucila Al Mar, explores mental health and a spiritual path to recovery. Dance-theatre performance feelers tackles street harassment and female objectification in modern society, choreographed by Amelia Griffin with music by DJ Rise Ashen. feelers is performed by The School of Dance graduates Annabel Boissonneault, Amber Green, and Alya Graham, with hip hop artist Simon ‘Klassic’ Xavier.

Abalone Productions’ A Little Fire January 22-30, 2016

A new play by Megan Piercey Monafu, produced by Ottawa-based Abalone Productions in collaboration with travelling company Theatre of the Beat, featuring Emily Bozik, William Beddoe, Carol Sinclair, and Johnny Wideman. Aithne is a child prodigy who paints direct messages from God. But at age 16, she suddenly stops having visions, and must grapple with life without a guiding voice.

Cart Before the Horse Theatre Perfect Pie — March 11-19, 2016

By Governor General award winning playwright Judith Thompson, directed by Paul Griffin and featuring Erica Anderson, Megan Carty, Gabbie Lazarovitz and Sheena Turcotte. When Francesca, a successful actress living in Toronto, receives a cassette tape and a homemade rhubarb pie from her childhood best friend, she returns to her small hometown to confront the terrifying incident that tore them apart 30 years ago.

Nominated for three Prix Rideau Awards: Outstanding Production, Emerging Artist (Megan Carty) and winner for Outstanding Direction (Paul Griffin)

Nominated for a Capital Critics Circle Award for Best Actress (Megan Carty)

Third Wall Theatre’s Woyzeck’s Head — April 22-30, 2016

Adapted and directed by James Richardson and featuring Drew Moore, Kristina Watt and Katie Bunting. A reinvention of Georg Buchner’s classic Woyzeck about the plight of the common man; this new version asks us – what is our breaking point?

Nominated for five Prix Rideau Awards: Outstanding Production, Outstanding Direction (James Richardson) and Outstanding Performance (Andrew Moore), Emerging Artist (Andrew Moore), and winner for Outstanding Design (Graham Price)