2015-16 Reviews



(off) Balance created and performed by Naomi Tessler, Branch Out Theatre

feelers created and choreographed by Amelia Griffin

November 13-21, 2015

“[Naomi Tessler] gives a very personal and vulnerable performance while also being extremely dynamic throughout the one-woman show. You can hardly take your eyes off her.” – Diane Lachapelle, Apartment 613

(off) Balance… is a must-see for those who have dealt with or are interested in learning about mental illness.” – Allegra Morgado, The Fulcrum

“[Writer/choregrapher Amelia Griffin] keeps the audience on their toes by offering both serious and tongue-and-cheek approaches to the topic… feelers is a gem of a production.” – Kat Fournier, Capital Critics Circle

“[feelers] offered a thought-provoking, and incredibly relevant look at everyday sexism and harassment without being preachy, whiny, or overly political. It was entertaining, impressive, and enjoyable throughout.” – Caitlin Oleson, Onstage Ottawa

“The choreography is powerful and explosive… both thought-provoking and provocative… a breath of fresh air.” – Brie McFarlane, New Ottawa Critics


A LITTLE FIRE by Megan Piercey Monafu

Abalone Productions and Theatre of the Beat

January 22-30, 2016

“Megan Piercey Monafu’s script contains some moments of beauty through sweeping, poetic monologues that evoke colourful imagery. And in actress Emily Bozik’s hands, these monologues are given a powerful presence on stage.” – Kat Fournier, Capital Critics Circle

“This weird, sheltered sixteen year old spinning her strange little allegories to her captive audience who can’t help but get caught up in them only to be genuinely horrified by the dark turns they take were my favourite parts of this play.” – Diana Lachapelle, Apartment 613

A Little Fire is full of brilliant actors who are brimming with talent and burning with passion for their craft… The play doesn’t hit you all at once—it slowly unravels, shifting from past to present, leaving you constantly on edge as you connect the dots.”  – Zainab Al-Mehdar, The Fulcrum


PERFECT PIE by Judith Thompson

Cart Before the Horse

March 11-19, 2016

Nominated for three Prix Rideau Awards: Outstanding Production, Emerging Artist (Megan Carty) and winner for Outstanding Direction (Paul Griffin)

Nominated for a Capital Critics Circle Award for Best Actress (Megan Carty)

“Ottawa’s been blessed with some great theatre this season, but nothing has compared to this. Abandonment, betrayal, loss, anger, fear, compassion, friendship, forgiveness: distill these words down to their truest, rawest meaning and you approach what Perfect Pie was able to do.” – Caitlin Oleson, Onstage Ottawa

“Every new scene draws the audience deeper into a darkness of ignorance and cruelty that affect the lives of the protagonists. Told in a simple but powerful way, the story has an aura of truth and the power to get emotions boiling over injustices committed in the name of stupidity and prejudice. It knowingly rips apart sensitive issues and slowly analyzes them by adding a building block with each sentence. This beautiful story will not leave anybody indifferent.” – Rajka Stefanovska, Capital Critics Circle

“Sheena Turcotte as the country wife Patsy, and Gabbie Lazarovitz as Francesca / Marie who returned after finding a new life abroad, gave excellent performances as the mature friends. Megan Carty played the young Marie, tortured by her school chums and her performance was nuanced, thoughtful and outstanding.” – Alvina Ruprecht, Capital Critics Circle

“Playing the elder Patsy is Sheena Turcotte who is a real breath of fresh air on stage delivering a performance with such an incredible honesty and intensity that, when combined, creates a presence on stage that is truly a force to be reckoned with.” – Brie McFarlane, The New Ottawa Critics


WOYZECK’S HEAD adapted and directed by James Richardson

Third Wall Theatre

April 22-30, 2016

Nominated for five Prix Rideau Awards: Outstanding Production, Outstanding Direction (James Richardson) and Outstanding Performance (Andrew Moore), Emerging Artist (Andrew Moore), and winner for Outstanding Design (Graham Price)

“Woyzeck’s Head: go see it. DO IT.” – Brie McFarlane, New Ottawa Critics

“It was a real feast, visually. I would love to see more of this style of work from [director] James Richardson in the future.”   – Kat Fournier, Just Another Gala

“The terrifying moments that Andrew Moore [as Woyzeck] undergoes are very disturbing and we are engrossed in his performance” – Alvina Ruprecht, Capital Critics Circle

“I was mesmerized by all the performances… Woyzeck’s only outlet for eloquence is in suffering and Andrew Moore’s suffering is eloquent. Bleeding through the performance is a man who could have loved and lived had he been allowed. Graham Price’s simple staging and stark lighting place us directly in Woyzeck’s hell. I am looking forward to seeing future productions from Third Wall.” – Diane LaChapelle, Apartment 613