Bronwyn Steinberg formed Theatre Artists’ Co-operative: the Independent Collective Series (TACTICS) in 2013. TACTICS commissions and programs works that make the most of the liveness of theatre and that place emphasis on how the audience experiences theatre. TACTICS embraces larger-scale works that exceed the production limitations of Fringe and other in-repetition festivals with the potential for larger casts and more sophisticated design elements. Also, TACTICS seeks to celebrate Ottawa as a city for artistic development, not simply a stage for national and international touring shows.

The first series ran from November 2014 to April 2015, followed by a second series running from November 2015 to April 2016. In these first two seasons, we presented 9 new independent Ottawa productions, 7 of which were premieres of new works by local creators. These productions and the associated artists were nominated for 14 Prix Rideau Awards, with 3 of those nominees going on to win in their categories.

In the spring of 2017, alongside our third Mainstage Series of full productions, we added the Workshop Series, supporting the development of five new works. And in 2017-18, the Workshop Series grew to add more significant financial and artistic support for four works in development, while we added the Green Room Series of monthly community-building events.

2014-15 Productions

2014-15 Reviews

2015-16 Productions

2015-16 Reviews

2017 Mainstage & Workshop Series

2017-18 Workshop Series

TACTICS Organizers

Bronwyn Steinberg, Artistic Director & Series Curator (2013-2020)

Sean Green, Artistic Associate (2013-2014)

Sarah Waisvisz, Artistic Associate (2013-2015)

Jillian Keene, Communications Manager (2014-2015)

Jessica Ruano, Marketing and Communications Director (2015-2016)

Megan Carty, Steering Committee (2016-2018)

Sarah Finn, Steering Committee (2016-2019)

Matt Hertendy, Steering Committee (2016-2018)

Alexandra Williams, Steering Committee (2018-2019)

Rebecca Benson, Steering Committee (2019-2020)

Louisa Haché, Steering Committee (2017-2020)

Ludmylla Reis, Steering Committee (2018-2020)

Danielle Savoie, Steering Committee (2019-2020)