Four whores and a pro



four whores and a pro

by Joanne John
Dramaturgy and Direction by Ludmylla Reis
Additional Dramaturgy by Sacha Bissonette

With Robin Breiche, Lorilee Holloway, Nancy Kenny, Kelsey Rideout and Lola Ryan

four whores and a pro tells the story of four prostitutes who meet on a daily basis at a local drop-in centre to take refuge from life and work on the street. The Centre is run by a social worker who is fighting the City’s decision to close the site while facing her own difficult personal challenge.

Saturday June 8, 2019 at 5 pm – Arts Court Theatre

Joanne John is a local writer whose work ranges from playwriting to poetry. She was awarded 2nd prize in a Canadian Authors Association Poetry Contest for her poem On Wellington Street. She subsequently wrote and co-produced Stories of the Shell, with the Great Canadian Theatre Company and the National Arts Centre. Her monologues have been performed at the AfriCanadian Playwrights’ Conference, the Harbourfront Festival and were featured in a compendium of monologues ‘’Telling it Like it Is’’, edited by Djanet Sears. Joanne is a past member of the NAC’s playwright’s unit. Her poems have appeared in the online publication, The Sentinel and she has been a feature poet at the Dusty Owl Series, Voices of Venus and Arts Night. Joanne’s short story, The Derelict Café, won first prize in the 2013 Carleton University Writing Competition. Her most recent play, “four whores and a pro’’ was read at Arts Court on New Play Tuesday, part of the 2018 Undercurrents series.

Ludmylla Reis is a multicultural artist from Brazil and based in Ottawa who chose theatre due to its direct relation to minds and bodies—of creators and audiences. Her expertise involves Devised Technique and Creative Collaboration. She is focused on having diversified mindsets in her projects because to her “the celebratory and chaotic power of combining visions it’s one of theatre’s vital parts.” Her influences involve Latin and North American cultural explorations, cinematic language and theatre researchers that changed the way arts communicate with people. Thematically her projects alternate between classical plays that explore universal themes and contemporary investigations of social struggles that thrive in a theatrical forum. She completed her MFA in Theatre (Directing) at the University of Ottawa in 2018.