by Mishka Lavigne
Directed by Éric Perron

The sensation of having veered off the path. Of being asleep with your eyes wide open. Of being erased and slowly drained of colour. Of being a copy of a copy of a copy… Of being left to wander out in the cold. The sensation of your flaws being exposed, bit by bit, in a photo-bath.

Albumen delves into the existential sensations and harmful co-dependencies of Jessa, a talented artist who abandoned her craft to work in an office and to model for her former mentor, photographer Danielle. In a ritual of sorts, Jessa gives blood every 56 days, in order to give her life meaning. At the clinic, she meets nurse and lover Lucas—both he and Danielle corner Jessa to reveal the things she’s running from, pushing her to her breaking point. Non-linear and poetic, Albumen creates a world of tension between mystery, sex and pain and dives into Jessa’s emotional world with true expressionism.

MAINSTAGE SERIES world premiere production

March 14 – 23 at Arts Court Theatre
2 Daly Avenue, Ottawa
Performances Wednesday to Saturday at 8pm
Matinee on March 23 at 2pm
Tickets $20

Creative team:
Mishka Lavigne – Playwright
Éric Perron – Director
Jess Preece – Stage Manager
Nicholas Leno – Assistant Director and Production Manager
Andrée Rainville – Actor
Mitchel Rose – Actor
Margo MacDonald – Actor
Benoit Brunet-Poirier – Set and Lighting Designer
Judith DeBoer – Costume Designer
AL Connors – Sound Designer

Mishka Lavigne is a playwright, translator and dramaturg based in Ottawa/Gatineau. Her plays have been developed, read, or produced in Canada, the United States, France, Germany and Switzerland. Her play Havre was recently produced at La Troupe du Jour in Saskatoon and at the Poche/GVE in Geneva. The German-language translation of the play, Hafen, was also rewarded with the Best Play prize at the Primeurs Frankophone Gegenwartsdramatik Festival in Saarbrücken. Albumen is her first English-language play. Mishka is presently playwright-in-residence of Horseshoes & Hand Grenades Theatre, developing her new play Shorelines.

Éric Perron holds an MFA in Stage Direction at the University of Ottawa. He recently directed Daniel Danis’ Cendres de cailloux as a site-specific performance in municipal librairies of the Ottawa valley and he directed Philippe Landry’s On verra at the Théâtre du Trillium which won Production of the Year at the Rideau Awards in 2016. He is currently working on the community-oriented project Faites comme chez vous with Théâtre la Vieille 17 and Théâtre de Dehors, and working on his new creation Rives. In 2015, he shared the FATFC’s Creation Prize with Mishka Lavigne to develop Copeaux, a movement-based poetic theatre creation, due to come to life in 2020. Éric is the co-artistic director of the Théâtre de Dehors with Sariana Monette-Saillant.


We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts in the creation and presentation of Albumen.