2019 Mainstage Series


Fully independent, professional productions at Arts Court Theatre

The 2019 Mainstage Series presents the world premieres of three new productions, all penned by award-winning Ottawa playwrights. Each production runs for two weeks at Arts Court Theatre. We create a platform for local indie artists to push theatrical limitations, share their stories with more of the community, and dream big with their art.

We open in March with Albumen, the latest offering by bilingual playwright Mishka Lavigne. This exploration of the relationship between artist and muse asks what we leave behind as artists, and as people.


Albumen by Mishka Lavigne

March 14-23, 2019

The sensation of having veered off the path. Of being asleep with your eyes wide open. Of being erased and slowly drained of colour. Of being a copy of a copy of a copy… Of being left to wander out in the cold. The sensation of your flaws being exposed, bit by bit, in a photo-bath.

Non-linear and poetic, Albumen creates a world of tension between mystery, sex and pain and dives into the characters’ emotional world with true expressionism.

The Mainstage Series continues in April with Swedish Furniture by Matt Hertendy. Part lampoon, part pointed exploration of modern millennial love, Swedish Furniture is a compassionate and hilarious cautionary tale with IKEA furniture assembled LIVE on stage.


Swedish Furniture by Matt Hertendy

April 5 – 13, 2019

Swedish Furniture takes the audience into the bedroom of a modern day, millennial couple; their frustration with each other, gender constructs and expectations, the economy, education and entering the workforce all boil to a head as they face the fiercest challenge a couple can face – assembling an IKEA bed.

Part lampoon, part pointed exploration of modern love, Swedish Furniture is a compassionate and hilarious cautionary tale with IKEA furniture assembled LIVE on stage.

We close our fifth anniversary season in May-June with The Omnibus Bill by Darrah Teitel, centring on Pierre Trudeau’s 1969 Justice Omnibus Bill (“…the state has no place in the bedrooms of the nation”).


The Omnibus Bill by Darrah Teitel

May 31 – June 8, 2019

Bowmanville, Ontario. 1969. Maria needs an abortion. The network of underground feminist, midwives and doctors who want to help come up against the changing laws and policies of Pierre Elliot Trudeau’s first legislative mandate. Sometimes, the road to political hell is paved with good intentions…

From a pregnant immigrant, to a “self-health movement” activist, to a sex worker trying to start a new life, The Omnibus Bill tells an intersectional history about reproductive rights that Canada has forgotten. This play unfortunately becomes more relevant with every passing news cycle as we endure a resurgent political attack on reproductive rights.

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