Springtime and Heartlines


TACTICS returns for one last instalment of the 2017-18 Workshop Series with Heartlinesa new play by Sarah Waisvisz.

Sarah will be joined by Director/Dramaturg Rebecca Benson, Actors Maryse Fernandes and Margo MacDonald, Composer Scottie Irving and Designer Andrea Steinwand. We’re delighted to host this incredibly talented team and can’t wait to see how this piece grows while they’re together.

Join us on May 26 at 2:30pm in the Library at Arts Court for a reading of this new work-in-progress.


Heartlines is about fighting for love and freedom in the face of war. The play traces the interaction of love, art, and war as it reimagines the lives of French surrealist and avant-garde artists Lucy Schwob (a.k.a. Claude Cahune) and Suzanne Malherbe (a.k.a. Marcel Moore). Lucy and Suzanne were also secretly Jewish, lesbian life partners, and active in the French Resistance during the Second World War, specifically on the Isle of Jersey. Before the war, they ran with the members of Paris’ fashionable and thriving salon and art scene in the 1920’s and 1930’s, and they fled Paris and moved to the Isle of Jersey when war seemed inevitable. Heartlines is a big, wild, broad epic that sweeps over three time periods: Paris in 1929; the Isle of Jersey in the early 1940’s after the Germans occupied the Channel Islands; and the liminal realm of memory.