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Spotlight on the Workshop Series

In the weeks leading up to the series, we are publishing a series of posts that spotlight the many different plays and events that will be part of TACTICS 2017. Read on to get the inside scoop on our programming!

By Matt Hertendy, TACTICS Steering Committee 

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Photo by Andrew Alexander at the TACTICS Artists’ Retreat

In progress: the perpetual state of getting ready. As a playwright and creator this is a stage I find myself in more often than not. So, when initiatives like TACTICS introduce a Workshop Series, it makes this boy very very excited!

Season 3 of TACTICS will see new work by local creators given rehearsal space, technical support and an audience to get some eyes on their work very early on; truly a gift for the creative process. This instalment of the weekly blog previews the Workshop Series, and why you should be as excited about it as I am.

First up, is The Omnibus Bill by Darrah Teital. Some of you may remember Darrah’s play Corpus as the pilot production for the TACTICS Series. For The Omnibus Bill she is teaming up with director Esther Jun, who was in Ottawa this past fall directing The Last Wife at GCTC. Esther recently became the Assistant Artistic Director of Tarragon Theatre in Toronto. An impressively talented team, with a “sexy and political” new piece for the first instalment of the Workshop Series.

Next, one of my favourite local creators Madeleine Boyes-Manseau will present her solo piece WANTING. Mado is no stranger to TACTICS, having directed May Can Theatre’s Happiness™ and receiving a Prix Rideau Award nomination for Outstanding Director for her work. I was lucky enough to catch an early peak of this at the undercurrents festival New Play Tuesday in 2016, and have been waiting eagerly for more ever since.


Photo by Andrew Alexander at the TACTICS Artists’ Retreat

Things get inter-disciplinary when Amelia Griffin presents her personal, new solo dance-theatre choreography piece UKnadian. Amelia’s work has recently been featured in The Ghomeshi Effect, and last season’s feelers. I’m not much of a dance guy, but I can tell Amelia’s choreography is unique and intriguing in her use of abstraction, and symbolism, yet the storytelling remains very accessible and a joy to watch. Amelia has been blogging about her process, and you can read all about it here:

when god was wolf is a new Canadian gothic drama written by local playwright Tim Ginley. I sat in on the table read back in February, and wow this is an experience. when god was wolf is reminiscent of a Tennessee Williams play, but trippy, distorted, grotesque and not for the faint of heart. A strong script, where everything is not as it seems. The staged reading will be directed by Rebecca Benson with a fantastic Ottawa cast including Paul Rainville, Kristina Watt and Elise Gauthier.

Finally, The Home Show (formerly announced with the working title HOME/less) is a devised theatre piece led by Evolution Theatre artistic director Laurie Fyffe. The Home Show is a “theatrical open house” on the subject of home. This piece features another all-star ensemble, including: William Beddoe, John Doucet, Jacqui Du Toit, Laurie Fyffe, Mishka Lavigne, and Norah Paton. The Home Show will also be presented at the 2017 Ottawa Fringe Festival.

There you have it! The TACTICS Workshop Series is an exciting opportunity to catch what is in the local theatre scene’s slow cooker. For the full schedule, including when to catch these presentations, click here:


Photo by Andrew Alexander at the TACTICS Artists’ Retreat

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